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Crafting Kits for Every Occassion

  • Get your chai on

    During the cooler months of the year, it's warming to sip spicy, milky chai tea. If you'd love to have chai at home consider our chai kits for making your own chai. We also have an article for making chai without our kit.


  • Light up the day


    We have these new soy wax jar candle kits. These glass jars have a dome lid. A fun candle making project. Check them out now.



    If you are interested in making a worm bin at home for earthworms, we have this article on how to get started. Make a worm bin at home.

  • What would Malala do?


    It made my day to see that the young Pakistani, Malala was given the Nobel Peace Prize. I'd heard that Vladimir Putin had been nominated and I'm sure it was a real tough call for the Nobel Committee. Listen to the story. I think more of us need to ask ourselves, 'What would Malala do' when considering world events and political leadership.



    It's baseball playoff season, football season and my kids are playing soccer every weekend. This means it's time for good mustards. We have some wonderful mustard recipes you can use to make delicious mustard. Check out our Mustard Making Kits.

  • How do you eat gummi bears?


    This is a fun article from the New York Times Magazine on eating candy. Read it now.


    We have a Cheese Making FAQ which can help you when you want to get started with making cheese. Also, we just opened up a Cheese Making discussion forum to encourage community help on the topic of making cheese.


    Ronan Farrow has this story debunking autism link to vaccines. This is something every rational person knows, but it's good to see broader exposure to this senseless thinking. Watch Now


    Nick Kristof has this very thoughtful and intelligent article detailing the difference between the Jihadists and Muslims. Read Now

  • NPR reports on DIY Mortuary Service


    Great story about how in Latvia, cyclists are demonstrating how much more traffic friendly bikes are. Read the Blog Post.


    On the NPR program Fresh Air, Terry Gross interviews Caitlin Doughty regarding her career as a Mortician and her book regarding her experiences. It was interesting to hear the author endorse the idea of not using a funeral home to take care of your deceased loved one, but instead to DIY. Listen Now


    If you've been thinking about making cheese at home, you may want to start by reading our Cheese Making FAQ. If you have additional questions you can post them on our new Cheese Making Discussion and ask the community.


  • Make Hot Sauce at Home

    We have a new article on making hot sauce at home. It's a lot easier with our hot sauce making kit, but you don't have to have the kit to make your own hot sauces.



    If you're a maker or just love to recycle, this article on making a apron with an old shirt will inspire you. Learn how now






  • Get your hot sauce on

    This NY Times Magazine report on kids lunches is fascinating. So many competing forces and agendas, when our priority should be healthy lunches that taste good for kids. Read Article


    We now have 3 hot sauce kits available from Grow and Make. The Artisan (3 recipes), Deluxe (6 recipes) and Complete (makes 12). If you or someone you know loves hot sauce, check out our kits.


  • Craving for chocolate





    Halloween Special - All Candy Making Kits qualify for Free Shipping during the month of October.


    Just use coupon code 'halloween-candy'.


    If you have a craving for chocolate, you may want to check out our Organic Chocolate Making Kit. You'll make filled cup chocolates, peppermint patties, truffles and ...more. Organic Chocolate Making Kit.

  • The future makers will be using 3-d printers

    Great TED Talk on the future of 3-d printing. A groundswell of makers is on the rise due to the popularity of 3-d printing.


    NPR has a great blog post on the question of how we manage synthetic life. The ultimate DIY hack could have frightening implications... Read it now.

  • Underground parks are coming to a city near you

    I've always thought that an indoor heated beach with waves would be amazing for those of us who live in rainy Portland. These guys in New York City are working on an underground park, which seems very cool.

    In San Francisco they are converting abandoned urban lots into community gardens. The city is providing tax incentives to the landowners. Brilliant Idea! Learn More.

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