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  • Mason jars in the news

    When you see a mason jar, do you think 'authentic'? Apparently some of us do. Read the NYTimes article.




    This NYTimes article on the social media problem of 'Trolling' is fascinating. It seems like a good business opportunity, for someone to solve. Read the story.


    We are excited to roll-out our updated affiliate program with new ads. If you have a blog or a webpage where you'd like to earn money by linking to us, check out our affiliate program. Earn 5% for every sale resulting from someone visiting from your site.

  • Product Announcement

    We are excited to introduce our new Kombucha Making Kits. We offer a decaf and caffeinated kombucha in 1 gallon, 3 gallon and 6 gallon kit sizes. Check them out.



    It's not just the song and video by Macklemore that is promoting Thrift Shops. The Economist has a new article on how thrift shopping is more popular than ever. Buying used is a smart and sustainable choice, particularly for clothing.

  • Time investment

    A great TED talk on the power of listening.


    Recently there have been many articles written on how much time is wasted with social media and online pursuits. I applaud this young man for put his time to great use.

  • Reset your brain

    The NY Times has a great editorial on the need to reset your brain during vacation. Read Now.


    A great TED talk on financial inequality.


    Consider making bath salts for transforming your bath into a spa. Our Bath Salt Making Kit will get you started.

  • Self folding robot

    This is so cool. A self-folding origami robot.



    Our chai making kits are a fun way to make your own Indian spiced tea at home. It's easy, fun and tastes amazing. Check it out.


  • DIY PIastic Bag Dryer

    It's easy to make your own plastic bag dryer at home. You just need chopsticks, marbles and a jar. Check our our 'how to' article.


    We have a great selection of distillers which can be used for home distilling. Check them out.




  • Women who lead

    This TED Talk by Cheryl Sandberg is great. Every woman and girl should hear it. She talks about the importance of success through team work and how important it is to believe you (women) deserve a place at the table.

    We've just added Wine and Cider presses to Grow and Make. Although we don't manufacturer these, we're very excited to encourage their use with our Wine and Cider kits



  • Road Tripping

    I'm planning a road trip to Alaska with family next Summer. This video is giving me some inspiration.



    NPR has a great report on why 'Small Batch' and 'Artisan' isn't always the case when it comes to whiskey. As a lover of a good bourbon or whiskey, this was an eye opening story and a reminder that buying local and checking the details, is the best choice whenever possible. Listen Now.


    Now that we are in the heart of summer, you maybe at the bbq for dinner. Consider making your own artisan mustards to accompany your meal. Our mustard making kit can get you started.

  • Where are the wine drinkers?

    Bike Trains in LA. I love this! Listen to the NPR Story about groups organizing to commute together, safely.

    This chart shows where wine drinking is most popular. I guess the nations capital is the winner?


    No matter which state you are in, you may want to consider making wine at home. Check out our wine making kits to learn more.

  • Organic Labels

    If you buy organic produce, you've probably been curious to know how sure you can be that something imported is organic. NPR reports today on this subject. Listen Now.



    Our new soda kits are a hit with kids during the Summer. Check them out now.

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