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  • Underground parks are coming to a city near you

    I've always thought that an indoor heated beach with waves would be amazing for those of us who live in rainy Portland. These guys in New York City are working on an underground park, which seems very cool.

    In San Francisco they are converting abandoned urban lots into community gardens. The city is providing tax incentives to the landowners. Brilliant Idea! Learn More.

  • Maker School!

    This week we'll be re-posting our back to school articles for those who are heading back.

      Repair a binder, so you don't have to buy a new one.


    NPR Reports on how to desalinate your water with a simple solution. Listen now.


    We are excited by the roll out of our new Complete Candy Making Kit

    Making candy is easy


  • Make your own microscope

    NPR has this story on a microscope you can make at home for $1. Invented by some students at Stanford, this is a fun maker project. Listen to the story.


    At Grow and Make we love our local eateries. The New York Times features four places to eat a meal for under $8 in Portland. Read Now.


    Bike Bucket Brigade


    We have an article on how to make your own bike pannier with a bucket. It only takes five minutes and will make all the difference when carrying excess on your bike. Read it now.


  • Rope m' in

    Tim Ferris (4 Hour Work Week, 4 Hour Body, etc.) interviews Kevin Kelly (Whole Earth Review, WIRED Magazine) in this podcast. A great listen!


    If you've ever thought it would be fun to learn to make rope, we have an article on rope making and we also sell a rope making tool. Read the article and if you're inspired consider buying the rope maker.

  • Back to School

    The days of summer are waning and kids are heading back to school. NPR has this fascinating report on how the neighborhood school may be coming to an end. Watch it now.


    Did you know that we sell apple presses for pressing your own cider? Check them out.



    If you're excited about Fall apples, you'll be excited to know we are experiencing an Apple Renaissance? Apparently so. Listen to the NPR story.

  • Freaky Large Veggies

    In our biggest state they grow the largest vegetables. NPR reports on why.


    Here at Grow and Make we are excited to roll out our new Vinegar Infusion Kits. With this kit you can start making your own infused vinegars at home.

    Check out all 3 infused vinegar kits.  

    On NPR Fresh Air today they are playing past interview with members of the Simpsons cast. Fun listening.

  • Mason jars in the news

    When you see a mason jar, do you think 'authentic'? Apparently some of us do. Read the NYTimes article.




    This NYTimes article on the social media problem of 'Trolling' is fascinating. It seems like a good business opportunity, for someone to solve. Read the story.


    We are excited to roll-out our updated affiliate program with new ads. If you have a blog or a webpage where you'd like to earn money by linking to us, check out our affiliate program. Earn 5% for every sale resulting from someone visiting from your site.

  • Product Announcement

    We are excited to introduce our new Kombucha Making Kits. We offer a decaf and caffeinated kombucha in 1 gallon, 3 gallon and 6 gallon kit sizes. Check them out.



    It's not just the song and video by Macklemore that is promoting Thrift Shops. The Economist has a new article on how thrift shopping is more popular than ever. Buying used is a smart and sustainable choice, particularly for clothing.

  • Time investment

    A great TED talk on the power of listening.


    Recently there have been many articles written on how much time is wasted with social media and online pursuits. I applaud this young man for put his time to great use.

  • Reset your brain

    The NY Times has a great editorial on the need to reset your brain during vacation. Read Now.


    A great TED talk on financial inequality.


    Consider making bath salts for transforming your bath into a spa. Our Bath Salt Making Kit will get you started.

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