About Grow and Make

We are your source for the broadest selection of do-it-yourself kits and supplies, to sustainably create more of what you consume.

Grow and Make was founded in 2008 in Portland, Oregon. Founder and owner, Will Johnston was seeking ways to live more sustainably by growing and making more of the things he consumed. By making and growing we can lessen the impact of the manufacturing, shipping and traditional consumption process.
Grow and Make is a business committed to sustainability and conscious capitalism. We run our business with an emphasis on producing products we are proud of and in a manner that we can feel good about. We pay livable wages, use organic whenever possible, buy local when possible and use recyclable and compostable materials when possible.
The Grow and Make team pursues products and insight based on the premise that for greater adoption of sustainable living practices to take place, consumers need insight into what makes a product truly sustainable. Our kits are manufactured in a sustainable manner with only quality components and ingredients to better support a self-sustaining lifestyle.
Our Mission is to create kits for making more of what you consume at home, using only the ingredients you need. We create kits we believe in and share with the world our passion for these products and insights for their use.

We try to use sustainable practices and organic material which we and can easily endorse and promote for every consumer use. We always seek out the greenest sourcing and fulfillment options to ensure you that receiving any product you order has a minimal environmental impact.

We seek to provide transparency in our work and in the elements of our products.

Our Team We have in-house product experts for a range of categories, who answer your questions, write articles, rank and review products as well as search for new and promising sustainable solutions. We are committed to creating the best customer experience possible for those who learn from or purchase products at Grow and Make.
We stand behind everything you read or purchase on our site, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts, inquiries, and general feedback.

Thank You!